Tradie Pad - that helping hand in app integrations.

We all know that I am a bit of a tech nerd (for an old chick) and while I am passionate about incorporating technology into our business lives, with so many products out there it is very difficult to know where to start.  Even though my focus is often on Tradies, I deal with many business types.  There are apps for everything you can think of, and every type of business you can think of.  It is impossible to be an expert in them all.

That is why I am really excited to introduce you to Clinton Cowin, the founder of Tradie Pad.  Clinton does not claim to be an expert in ALL apps, but he is an expert in all Trade related apps.  Tradie Pad’s business is to work with their clients to navigate the best technology solutions for their unique business needs.  They then work to train users, implement the solutions and support the business in their technological journey.

Upon meeting Clinton we discussed the relationship between the client, the accountant and a cloud integrator like Tradie Pad.  The analogy of the doctor/patient relationship was used.  The patient (or business owner) seeks general advice from their accountant.  The accountant is like the GP with sufficient knowledge to diagnose the issues and recommend some solutions, but for more specific assistance you are referred to a Specialist.  Tradie Pad is the specialist. 

Clinton is a plumber by trade and he developed Tradie Pad from his own experiences.  Tired of all the paperwork, and the fact that a lot of the work needed to be done back at the office (often late at night), Clinton started looking for solutions to reduce the paperwork and to do many of the necessary tasks in the field.  He noticed a significant change to his business and has now been helping other businesses benefit from the changes.

While it might sound a simple as getting a product like Tradify or ServiceM8 for your business, how do you know what the right app is for your business?  They all have different purposes and benefits.  What might be a good fit for your mate’s business may not be a good fit for your business – or maybe there is something better out there for your needs.  If you do choose an app, do you have a systematic approach to incorporate it into your business?  Do you need training?  Have you set it up to work as efficiently and purposefully as it should?  Most importantly, do you have the time to do all of this?     

Outsourcing is a concept we should all be embracing.  Just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you MUST do it all.  In our accounting business we did a lot of outsourcing last year.  We outsourced our technology to a company who just looks after technology.  We outsourced our human resources to a HR specialist.  These people are much more expert at what they do than we can ever be.  Although there is a cost to their services, the time that is saved far exceeds the price - and we are getting a better level of service.    I can assure you we will be outsourcing any cloud integrations for Tradies to Tradie Pad going forward.

Tradie Pad is what is considered a “vertical integrator”.  They look at their industry (trades) and they look at all the apps that can assist their clients.  The apps may not all be directly related to the work of the Tradie.  They will also consider things such as payment options, debtor collection and even simple things such as emails in their solutions.

I have no doubt we will be working more with Clinton in the future to bring you information about the products that are out there, but if you are keen to find out some more about Tradie Pad check out their website  What have you got to lose?

Joanne McCauley