We are important voices in our family business and we should be heard

We all know that while your husbands and partners are out working hard, the work that you do behind the scenes often goes unrecognised.  You are helping with the finances, typing up quotes and invoices, paying the bills and trying to collect the receipts from the bottom of the car floor.  You are the bookkeepers and human resource managers of your family business.  These roles can be difficult and confusing and we are here to offer you a support network.

I am not only a tax accountant, I am also a wife and mum to tradies.  With my knowledge of tax and accounting and an understanding of the frustrations of Tradie WAGS, I have set up a support network.  My vision is to empower women to have a knowledgeable voice in their family business.  While their men are at the pub networking and getting false information, the WAGS can get the facts straight and provide suggestions on how to make the business run better.

It is not all about tax.  We will have regular networking events where you can meet other Tradie WAGS, share your tips and frustrations, hear some exciting speakers and celebrate the amazing job you do.

Collectively we can help each other and take some of the puzzle out of running a family business.

Jo McCauley

Jo Tradie Wag.PNG

Jo McCauley

CPA Accountant and Tradie WAG