Xero Online Training

At Tradie Wags, we love Xero. We think it is a great tool for family businesses and we know that it integrates well with the many connected apps out in the market.

It is a relatively easy product to use but sometimes it helps to be shown around the product by an expert. Whether you are looking to change to this product and want to know what it is all about, or you are using it already but are just not sure if you are using it as well as you can be, our online Xero training will be helpful to you.

Our classes are run over Zoom and the classroom is limited to 5 participants at a time. We open these classes to anyone who want to know Xero. You don’t have to be a Tradie WAG.

The classes are run over 3 x 1 hour sessions giving you a good introduction to the product. Once the 3 sessions have been completed we will arrange a one on one meeting for 30 minutes to look at your specific issues and help you with them.

The price for the package of 3 x 1 hour sessions plus the bonus 30 minute session is $375 including GST.

We also offer a single session Payroll Only option for $150 including GST. This is ideal for those who need to find a Single Touch Payroll solution and wish to use the $10 per month Xero Payroll option.

If you are interested in attending please click on the link below and find a class time that suits you.,

Joanne McCauley